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Tuesday, 17. June 2014

To Promote Heart Health
By jhonalbert348, 11:55

There are several diseases of the heart and circulation system which affects the heart valves or blood vessels feeding the heart, including the heart muscle damaged, so keep a person's life is in danger.  Ken Drew Review

Factors that cause heart disease? The risk factors may be genetic factors or patterns and unhealthy habits a person is exposed to heart disease and divide the risk factors to the following:

• Factorscannot be controlled, such as:

1. Age: increases the chance of injury whenever human progress with age.

2. Gender : that men and women are all susceptible to heart disease and contrary to what is believed some of the women that they are not vulnerable to injury, there are studies to suggest that women are more susceptible to heart disease, as though their age, the proportion of deaths to have the largest after the first injury subjected her.

3. Geneticfactor: The genetic factor of the most important risk factors risk of heart disease, so it is necessary to know if the person was a family member infected with heart disease.

• Factors can be controlled, and control of, such as:

1. Obesity and excess weight.

2. Smoking and alcoholism.

3. Chronic diseases: hypertension, q  high blood cholesterol  high proportion of blood glucose.

4. Lack of fitness and lack of exercise and get a feel for the life of the idle where it is necessary to make exercise a part of daily life. 5. Exposure to stressors and psychological crises.

Lies the prevention of this disease in the early detection and control of risk factors, recent and controlled or avoided. What are the symptoms of heart disease?

• Difficulty or short of breath

• Concern tired and very weak

• feeling the weight of pressure and pain in the chest

• Feeling pain in the left shoulder, arms, back, neck and throat and jaws

• Rapid increase in body weight

• Nausea, sweating, dizziness, and dizziness or fainting

• Flatulence and dyspepsia , read more

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